long endurance, uninterrupted operation

The H30 can work up to 6 hours, meeting the needs of long-term outdoor operations. It also supports 36W PD fast charging and supports charging and use, so the battery life will never be interrupted.

7-inch large screen, bright display

H30 is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition high-brightness touch display with a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits, and the picture is still clearly visible even under strong sunlight.

Assisted flight, get started quickly

AheadX’s self-developed hybrid wing auxiliary flight function is simple to control. Even novices can easily complete the flight control of the hybrid wing drone.

Automatically search for UAV

Supports automatic search of UAV and avionics equipment, connects immediately after powering on, and provides a clear status view.

Check quickly and safe flight

Quick flight inspection, intuitive display of drone status, and one-click flight servo self-check ensure the safety of each flight.

Flight/mission, switch with one click

One-click switching between flight and mission operations, and missions can be edited in real time during flight.

Quick location lock

While the UAV is flying, press and hold your finger on the map, and the pod will automatically point to the selected area.

Quick camera switching

You can quickly switch lens types through the shortcut keys on the right and the corresponding prompt information.

Specify magnification zoom

When using a zoom lens, you can quickly achieve a fixed magnification zoom and reduce the control pressure.

Fly to the target on the screen with one click

In full-screen video mode, you can quickly fly to the center of the screen with one-click operation commands.

Fast target search

In quick search mode, press and hold L1, and the drone will automatically follow the direction of the pod's line of sight. You only need to control the pod rocker. You can focus on searching.

One click to lock and follow quickly

After finding the target, quickly touch to lock it. After locking, long press the L1 key to quickly track and fly the locked target.

Support UAV and flight control product

H30 handheld ground station supports all series of drones and flight control products of AheadX

Looking forward to working with you!